Salesforce control software for client visits

Locate and records customer visits

For a Sales Manager, it is essential to keep an eye on the activity and visits of their sales force with the clients.

Mobile Reporting® is an effective management tool for visit reports that complements the CRM sales force and allows the manager to obtain the list of visits to clients in real time and from his office (the record of visits it is performed by recording start and end times), and with the certainty that the visit has been completed (collects the GPS position of the place visited). Thus truthful and reliable information is obtained and time of administration to the vendor is saved, which will no longer have to sit and fill the damn report.

It is also a respectful tool with their privacy, since it does not collect the route navigation (tracking) as a normal GPS, but only records relevant points for the essential information for controlling the visit in his force CRM and in a proactive mode (the seller is who activates the gps). This is an SaaS application (software as a service) compatible with any smartphone equipped with Android or iOS operating system, so that your company should not invest in software, or developments or specific terminals.

It also allows great flexibility in the design of the form fields for subsequent control of customer visits and follow-up in the CRM force, giving the possibility of pre-loaded routes, include note mileage or expenses, information on company visits in different digital formats and all the variables that may be of interest specifically to his address.

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The perfect complement to your CRM

Mobile Reporting® is the perfect complement to your CRM. You will have a real-time report of commercial activity with your connection to your CRM.

Help your sales force to sell even more

Plan the potential sales market your business

Anticipate your business monthly expenses

Monitors and controls all the expenses of everyday sales management

Reduce time on administrative procedures

Forget the reports by hand and on paper. Let your sellers focus only on sales.

On-line Control of your sales force visits

Visit and route control of your sales force by GPS location