The software that complements your CRM business management

Control, optimize time and complements your business management software

The manual process of all the information obtained by your sales force without software, often leads to problems: paper documentation can get lost or destroyed by mistake. In trade relations, it is also very important to consider the previous visit to a client, to avoid duplication or misunderstandings and give an image of professionalism.

Mobile Reporting® offers a program that manages and automates data collection business visits by a mobile application vendors.

This control software customer visits is effective whether you own a CRM business management or not. If you use a tool or system customer relationship management (CRM) it is the perfect complement to the boost, obtaining accurate visits your vendors perform in their daily business through this program information.

This software or program allows you to make decisions in an instant as the data collected by your vendors (voice notes, observations, images, attachments, location, etc.) in their business visits will enter the system in real time to backoffice . The application of Mobile Reporting® is customizable and can configure the information collection forms according to the needs and priorities that require your company.

With this application you can obtain regular reports with accurate data that will improve customer relations, business management and allow you to plan the sales potential of your business market.

  • Get a professional image to the client
  • If you already have a CRM, it complements and enhances it
  • Automates data collection, avoid loss
  • Improves the business relationship with the customer
  • You’ll take proactive decisions

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