How does Mobile Reporting® works?

Discover the features of our solution

Mobile Reporting® features eases the work of your salesforce, will help your business to sell even more and reduce the time spent on administrative tasks.

Digital signature

You can sign up directly on the device and attach it to report activity


Capture images with your smartphone or tablet and attach them to the report

Voice notes

Mobile Reporting® allows you to dictate memos, speeding data capture

Barcode and QR reader

You only need your smartphone’s camera. Mobile Reporting® captures the bar code and attaches it to your report

Conection to your CRM

Mobile Reporting® can dump the data directly into your CRM

Customized forms

Fully configurable according to the needs and parameters of the various departments of your organization

Real time, real place data

Online, send and receive data in real time


Controls the flow of real-time reports from any computer connected to the network

Ticket reporting

Monitors and controls all the costs of daily business management

Offline feature

Without signal? Do not worry, Mobile Reporting® sends the report as you recover coverage

GPS location (nonintrusive)

It doesn’t tracks the route navigation, but only records relevant points for information


If your sales force need to attach a document, they can scan and send it in one step